Fascist Racism Is Rooted in Settler-Colonialism

Ku Klux Klan in Virginia & Fascist in Ukraine with Confederate Flags (Source: Europe 1)

The All-African People's Revolutionary Party applauds the current and historical people’s struggle against the militia forces of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and Neo-Nazis (Nazis). The forces of the people have demonstrated their resolve to struggle for victory over these white racist terrorists from Ukraine to Charlottesville Virginia United States (U.S.). As a revolutionary Pan-African organization the A-APRP understand any successful attempts to eradicate the roots of fascist/settler-colonialist racism and patriarchy (gender oppression) must be begin with truth. The United States capitalist corporate media has concentrated on the question of racist and gender oppression displayed in Charlottesville Virginia U.S. Even the capitalist media must acknowledge that the racist terrorism exist as part of white supremacist nationalism.

But on the Nazi/Klan chant of "blood and soil" there is no further explanation in the capitalist press. This chant affirms the racist believe that the occupation of indigenous lands is a white man’s right and privilege. The failure to acknowledge this is to continue the myth of some democratic beginnings of the settler project. U.S. settler occupations are dripping in the blood of indigenous people. All the U.S. media propaganda (television, radio, movies, newspapers, books and educational curriculum) stands in denial of the continued racist and genocidal occupation of indigenous people’s land.

The A-APRP rejects the idea that racism in the U.S. is separate from settler colonialism in the Americas which is founded on occupation of indigenous land and the enslavement of African labor. A settler-colonial occupation can never produce a democratic state. Any democracy that exists in a settler-colonial state is a result of people’s resistance against the occupation of the land, against racism and against workers and women’s exploitation.

The Ku Klux Klan is the violent militant defense of settler colonialism (White theft and occupation of land in the Americas) and the white supremacists that committed genocidal acts against the indigenous peoples of the America's. The KKK justify the enslavement and oppression of African and other non-white peoples. Yet, they are only considered terrorist by the United States settler-colonial regime when a white women is killed.  Even the most so called liberal European institutions in the United States and Europe, the American Civil Liberties Union, Southern Poverty Law Offices, Amnesty International, and the Anti-defamation League only called the KKK a hate group. The multinational corporate capitalists who really control the settler state only disavow racist acts when profits are threaten by the majority of the population.

The United States settler regime like all settlers and occupiers uphold the same racist values of the KKK and operates its terrorist oppression through police, prisons, border guards, military, FBI, ICE agents and the CIA. They terrorize and criminalize the indigenous, African and non-white populations without mercy and without conscious. But they hide their criminal enterprise behind democratic sounding institutions like the Democratic and Republican parties. These parties who are both committed to settler-colonialism and imperialism not only in the United States and the rest of occupied territories in the America's but globally. They will vehemently deny their racism. But we only need to follow the foreign policies of settler-colonial regimes of the US and their support of the most racist right wing settler and imperialist forces around the world. They support the murder, lynching and burning of women, Africans and Indigenous people in Venezuela and Colombia, in Libya, in Brazil, in Yemen and certainly in Palestine. They arm and finance Israel at the tune of 10.4 million USD a day. They impose crippling sanctions to destabilize Venezuela, Cuba and Zimbabwe.

Settler- colonialism in its genocidal rampage against indigenous people in the America's, Southern, Northern and Eastern Africa, Australia, New Zealand and the South Sea Islands and Palestine cemented the white racist settler ideologies known as White Supremacy, Apartheid and Zionism.

Fascism is extreme white nationalism in power unmasked, a brutal form of capitalist imperialism that openly aligns itself with the Dictatorial Police State run by white supremacist which oppresses, enslaves and or commits genocide of non-white peoples within and outside its borders (Germany under Hitler). Fascist and Settler-colonial regimes are by their nature racist and genocidal. Fascist ideology is aligned with the racist ideologies of settler-colonialism, colonialism and neo-colonialism. Fascism is a continuation of the legacy of exploitative economic systems and unjust social practices; from slavery and capitalism to gender oppression and racism. Every conscious Jew and other peoples who suffered under Fascism must be against Fascism and logically against all forms of settler-colonialism including Zionism. 

                                      African youth protesting Racism in Israel

But Netanyahu's silence on right wing Nazi/Klan terrorism in the U.S. speaks volumes. Israel's Zionist settler-colonialist ideology is also built on racism. Settler-colonialism is the parent of Fascism and settler-colonialism the parent still lives in Israel's occupation of Palestine.  Can the racist Zionist regime honestly criticize the Nazi and Ku Klux Klan attacks on Africans, Jews, and non-whites to their European allies in the United States when those same racist practices are used against Palestinians, Africans (Ethiopians, Eritreans and Sudanese) and to some degree non-European Jews every day in (Israel) occupied Palestine? The truth is settler-colonialism in occupied Turtle Island (the Americas) is an imperial partner of the Zionist settler-colonial state both rapidly moving toward Fascism. These Zionist settler forces (the enemies of Africans everywhere) have the nerve to call for an African/Israeli summit in Togo October 24-27 2017. The Pan-African and Palestinian forces globally cannot stand for this hypocrisy.

The A-APRP reiterates that our struggle for Pan-Africanism (the total liberation and unification of Africa under Scientific Socialism) is totally allied with the forces against the defeat of settler-colonialism and Fascism across the globe. Our allies are the over 500 indigenous nations of the Americas, the Palestinians, the Aborigines of Australia, New Zealand and South Sea Islands. We support the indigenous rights of West Papua and Western Sahara and all the revolutionary and progressive left forces that stand against both settler-colonialism and Fascism.     

Please join the All-African People’s Revolutionary Party or any organization working for your people so that we can collectively defeat Settler-Colonialism, Fascism and all forms of oppression.  



Fascism to Socialism

Dear Comrades, I am from India and support your struggle against imperialism, which is monopoly capitalism, the highest form of capitalism. Fascism is also a form of capitalism, a bloody, bestial and rotten form of capitalism. When, due economic and other crisis, bourgeois class is unable to control the working class, peasants, it shows its real face. It employs a small section of the proletarian class on money, some favours, due greed, in name of religion, caste, colour, nationalities, personality cult, etc along with its state machinery to crush the exploited mass! So, the prime enemy is capital, finance capital and the fight must continue against it with the united workers and other exploited sections of the society in our respective countries. Yes, the comradely support and solidarity must be extended to the struggles of the people! What is our revolutionary ideology? Marxism Leninism and all the experiences of the building of Socialism in USSR and other socialist countries, our defeat due internal treacheries by Trots, Khrushchev/Tito & cliches, Anarchists, Social Democrats, imperialist interventions, modern revisionists! Comradely salute!

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