"Nuke you too!" No more Imperialist and Super Power Exceptionalism!

North Korea Test Missile (Getty Images)
North Korea Test Missile (Getty Images)

"A new and vigorous approach to the problem of peace and war is needed. The time has come when  the destiny of (mankind) should cease to hang dangerously  on the aims and  ambitions of Great Powers." Kwame Nkrumah

The All-African People's Revolutionary Party stands firmly with all sincere environmental, human rights and peace and justice movements that call for a nuclear free planet. Nuclear weapons are a severe threat to our continued human existence on this planet. Yet we refuse to join the hypercritical and ridiculous chorus coming out of the United States and United Nations Security Council condemning North Korea's right to defend itself against a power who possess the largest arsenal of nuclear and conventional weapons in the world. The United States is the power who not only has nuclear weapons but has used them and has used nuclear by products (uranium tipped missiles)in recent invasions; as confirmed  in Afghanistan and Iraq. The security council again and again has passed resolutions giving irresponsible cover for "first strike" imperialist aggressions against Iraq, Libya and now North Korea.

The United States and South Korea are technically still at war with North Korea. The two sides have an armistice; there is not a peace treaty. The United States bombing between 1950-53 wiped out 20% of the North Korean population killing 8 million or more people. Today the United States leaders threaten North Korea with a first strike. North Korea has every right to say we will "Nuke you too!" in self-defense.  Apparently this is the foreign policy of every permanent member who sits on the Security Council. They are all nuclear powers that have not disarmed.  Better yet the U.S. has recently walked out of talks on the matter in the United Nations. They have also proposed to update and renovate their arsenal.   

Global nuclear terrorism both physical and psychological has been with us since the 1940's when the United States unleashed atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the second imperialist war known as WWII. We know the devastation of that event lives on today for millions of people far beyond the estimated 123,000 killed on that day. The estimates in the following days brought the total to somewhere around 246,000. But the effects these bombs have on the world are immeasurable as the half-life of the plutonium (poison) produced from the attack is 240,000 years.

Russia fully aware of the new nuclear threat developed their versions of nuclear weapons in the same period as a deterrent to United States and Western European aggression. Fascist Germany and the so-called European Allies alike were staunchly against the socialist government in Russia.

China followed with their development of a nuclear arsenal for defense of their newly found freedom from Japanese colonialism and U.S. imperialist aggression.  The imperialist nature of the U.S. and other NATO alliance members is that it chose to aide in the nuclear arming of the two most racist settler-colonies in the world Apartheid South Africa 1960's (dismantled before Africans took power) and in the 1950's Zionist Israel which still maintains a undeclared nuclear arsenal with a reported 200 or more weapons. There is no U.N. resolution against Israel's nuclear program. So much for the "Imperialist Propaganda" about keeping Southwest Asia AKA the Middle East as a nuclear free zone, they made it a nuclear zone. India and Pakistan are also nuclear states, they like Zionist Israel, have never part of the "Non Proliferation Treaty".

We know that countries with a track record of imperialist aggression, the former colonial states of NATO and settler-colonial states of the U.S. and Israel; which have used nuclear, conventional and economic weapons against indigenous peoples in Africa, Asia and America's are more of a nuclear threat to Africans and indigenous people. North Korea is not who we fear. The North Korean conflict has always been a national liberation question from its wars against Japanese occupation to the current United States occupation of South Korea with 28,000 troops. The idea that any foreign power has a right to choose the leadership of another is against any concept of self-determination.  The A-APRP says let the imperialist nations and the super powers who have more than enough conventional weaponry to keep their nations safe- destroy their hundreds of missiles first. Then we can talk about the others. But until then North Korea has every right to pursue their self-defense in any way they see fit.   

The A-APRP is a Revolutionary Pan-African Socialist organization committed to one unified socialist Africa and thus totally committed to a just world free from all forms of imperialist aggressions. We know peace will never be achieved without justice and self-determination.  If you want peace, work for justice.  Join the A-APRP in that task by joining us, or some organization working for your people.



Dialogue for PEACE

In order to have PEACE, there must be justice. If there is no JUSTICE, then there will not be any peace. In order to have DIALOGUE, we must understand the same language. If the enemy expresses with VIOLENCE, we must respond with revolutionary violence…then we’ll understand each other. Power only respects power.

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