Programme and Activities to Build the AAPRP

Pan-African Strategy to Build the AAPRP

At this stage in the growth and development of the All-African People's Revolutionary Party (AAPRP) our only programme is to “BUILD THE AAPRP.” Today, the A-APRP is involved in numerous activities aimed at building the A-APRP and strengthening our relations with progressive and revolutionary organizations and movements throughout the world.

Some of the Party activities and work includes:

  • organizing and recruiting from the African Intellegencia, including African students, in order for them to serve their proper role as the "shock troops", the "spark" of the African Revolution.
  • struggling to build African United Fronts throughout the African World.
  • smashing all Bourgeois Political Parties, including the Democratic and Republican parties in the U.S, and fighting for Africans to join and build independent political parties controlled, financed and directed by Africans.
  • struggling to build a Coalition to Smash Zionism, and support the Palestinian People.
  • struggling to build a Coalition to Smash the FBI-CIA and other Imperialist Intelligence agencies, which have wreaked havoc upon African and all people struggling for dignity and independent development.
  • Institutionalizing African Liberation Day as a World Wide Pan-African Institution.