How to Join

Please fill out this brief CONTACT FORM to apply for       A-APRP membership


Two Options to Help Build the AAPRP: Membership or Support

AAPRP Membership

  • Active Member of Work-Study Circle (*)

  • Allowed to Attend All Party Meetings Locally or Internationally

  • Have Specific Work and Financial Obligations to Maintain Membership

AAPRP Support

  • Can Assist AAPRP with Specified Work and Activities

  • All Financial and Work contributions are strictly voluntary

  • Can transition from Support to Membership by participation in the AAPRP Orientation Process

Membership into the AAPRP is open to any and all Africans who understand and accept the objective and ideology of the party. Members voluntarily participate in a continuous political education process through joining and helping build an AAPRP work-study circle as well as doing consistent work to carry out the program of the AAPRP. If you would like more information about how to join, please CONTACT US. We will respond within 48 hours.

Our Political Education Process: Work-Study Circles

This program of the AAPRP is open to any and all Africans interested in collective education about the African revolution and organizational training to prepare one to make their fullest contribution to the Pan-African Revolution. The only requirement to join or help setup a work-study circle is a sincere commitment to helping Africa and African people as well as a willingness to follow the guidelines of the work-study circle program. There are two aspects to this program: work and study.

The work-study circle process is designed to train and prepare serious, unselfish men and women who struggle for Africa and her people; develop a conscientious attitude towards revolutionary work; cultivate a strong sense of national pride in being African and a revolutionary commitment to actively support the just struggles of other oppressed and exploited peoples in the world. The AAPRP is confident that the most serious Africans that participate in the work-study process will want to commit their lives, talents and energies to the African Revolution and will become cadre of the AAPRP.

For more information about how to join the AAPRP, please review our Ideological Training Guidelines at the links below. You are welcome to contact a Chapter representative near you.

Ideological Training Guidelines, 524 KB
Note: This link is a pdf file and requires Adobe Acrobat to open.

Ideological Training Guidelines, 147 KB
Note: This link is a Word file and requires Microsoft Word to open.

Skills Assessment

AAPRP Skills Questionnaire

The A-APRP is seeking new members and supporters who recognize the necessity of playing a role in the redemption of Africa and her People worldwide. If you are willing to donate some of your time, skills and/or resources to the liberation struggle of African People we ask that you complete this questionnaire.

(*) Only AAPRP Cadre have FULL membership status in the AAPRP. One must complete the Work-Study Circle process and undergo a subsequent evaluation from AAPRP structures before being promoted to AAPRP Cadre