Some Aspects of the AAPRP

The All-African People's Revolutionary Party is a permanent, independent, socialist, revolutionary. Pan-African political party based in Africa, the just homeland of African people all over the world. The A-APRP understands that

“all people of African descent whether they live in North or South America, the Caribbean or in any other part of the world are Africans and belong to the African Nation." —(Kwame Nkrumah, Class Struggle in Africa, page 87.)

The A-APRP is an integral part of the Pan-African and world socialist revolutions. Guided by its ideology NKRUMAH-TOUREISM, it is struggling to become a mass Party capable of politically educating and organising the masses of oppressed Africans living, suffering and struggling in over 113 countries in the world; in order to release and channel their revolutionary mass energy and potential towards the attainment of Pan-Africanism: the total liberation and unification of Africa under scientific socialism. This is a historically determined necessity.

The All-African People's Revolutionary Party is a product of the relentless struggle within the Pan-African movement for ideological clarity, scientific and precise objective; and revolutionary, mass Pan-African political organisation. It represents a quantitative and qualitative development in our long history of struggle against gender, class, economic and national exploitation in all the various manifestations and forms, including centuries of enslavement, dispersion, depersonalisation, balkanisation and domination of African people and the African continent.

The Objective of the AAPRP (Pan-Africanism)

The All-African People's Revolutionary Party recognises that African people born and/or living in over 113 countries are one people, with one identity, one destiny. We have one common enemy; capitalism - imperialism, colonialism, settler colonialism, neo-colonialism, racism, zionism and apartheid. We suffer from the same problem, class/economics exploitation, national and racist oppression, gender, disunity and disorganisation, and ideological confusion. We have only one scientific and correct solution, Pan-Africanism.

The A-APRP understands that

“the core of the ‘African’ Revolution is in Africa and until Africa is united under a socialist government, the ‘African’ man throughout the world lacks a national home… (Accordingly), the total liberation and unification of African under an All-African Socialist Government must be the primary objective of all Black revolutionaries throughout the world. It is an objective which, when achieved, will bring about the fulfilment of the aspirations of Africans and people of African descent everywhere. It will at the same time advance the triumph of the international socialist revolution.”
—(Kwame Nkrumah, Class Struggle in Africa, page 98).